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Saturday, April 19

Only 4 months old and already been to Disney twice!

We took a trip to Disney to celebrate Mom and Dad's 3rd Wedding Anniversary. We went to the Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney with Aaron, Cara, and Landon on Friday night. We had so much fun waiting around and looking for somewhere for the big people to eat. Then, on Saturday, I went into the Animal Kingdom with Grandma and Grandpa. They took me to see the coolest things. I love all of the big animals. At night, I took Mommy and Daddy to Epcot to see the fireworks. I think they had a lot of fun. I can't wait to go back to Disney!!


Cheryl said...

I love the slideshow!!! Emma is so cute in her bathing suit and hat!!

auntie lys said...

hahahahaha she loves the water yet i dont know if she likes eating more or not!!!

klovett617 said...

Emma, that was so sweet of you to take Mommy & Daddy to Disney to celebrate their anniversary. Looks like you all had fun. Thanks you for sharing your pics with us. We loved being able to see you turn over. That was so much fun. We love you and will see you soon. -- I love your hat!!
G'Granddad & G'Grandma Lovett