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Monday, December 1

Eating under the influence of sleepiness...

Birthday Party

Emma had a great 1st birthday party. We had planned an outside party, but the wind was too strong and it kept blowing all of the decorations off the tables. We quickly moved everything to the porch where the wind was blocked by the house, and it all went beautifully after that. Emma enjoyed having all of her family come to see her. She loved all of the wonderful presents she got and of course her yummy cupie-cake. She also got to show off her recently acquired skill of walking, which seems to be her preferred method of getting from here to there these days.

1st Birthday Portraits

Taken at The Picture People in Brandon, FL

Tuesday, November 11

Birthday Wish List

My family has asked what things Emma would like or need for birthday and Christmas gifts so I thought I would post it on the blog to make it easy. Although she will probably be most interested in the wrapping paper and empty boxes this year, here are some things that we think she would enjoy:

* Little People's Toys (by Fisher-Price)
* See 'n Say Farmer Says (by Fisher-Price)
* Emma loves to push buttons, so any toys with lots of buttons that respond when she pushes them.
* Also, we have this kids praises DVD that is for the childrens music program at our church and Emma adores it. It is just kids singing and dancing to worship songs, but she is beside herself everytime we turn it on. So I think she would like other sing-a-long DVDs too. Here are some examples.
* A Hair Bow Holder (we are starting quite a collection of bows; Click on the link for the one that I found that would look good in her room
* Tadoodles Crayon Buddies and Tadoodles Giant Coloring Books (by Crayola)
* Mega Bloks
* Castle Climb N Slide (by Little Tykes)

I know Emma will love whatever she gets :)

Wednesday, November 5

Rainy day at Seaworld

Last weekend we went to Seaworld with Cheryl and Jesse. There are not many pictures, because it was raining. Emma's favorite part was getting to touch the sting rays in the water, we had a hard time keeping her from jumping right in.

Emma's 1st Halloween

Emma had a great Halloween this year. First we got a pumkin and her daddy carved it for her. Emma named her pumkin, "da-da." On Halloween she dressed up as a little fairy and we sat outside and passed out candy to the neighborhood children. The next day we went to a fall festival at our church and Emma went on her first hay ride.

Sunday, October 26

Wednesday, October 22

Our Disney Trip

We had such a good time at Disney last week. We went with Aaron, Cara, and Landon. We stayed there three days, and I got to do so many new things. I got to see the Playhouse Disney show with all of my favorite characters and I got to ride the new Toy Story ride. I got sick the last night we were there, but I am all better now.

Friday, October 10

Monday, September 29

Swinging at the park!

Mommy took me to the park on Saturday. I loved swinging, but I held on tight. My favorite part was watching all of the children run around. That's why I am not looking at the camera in most of the pictures. When I was done swinging me and Mom walked around downtown, it was such a pretty day!

Saturday, September 20

Sunday, August 24

Milestone Updates

I am really getting around now. I just scoot mainly, but I crawl every once in a while. I can also pull myself up, which helps me to call for Mom easier when I wake up, haha. Another update is that I have two teeth now. My bottom two teeth came in at the same time the last week of July, but I haven't shown them off for the camera yet. They are helping me learn to chew up food so that I can grow big and strong. I have "da-da" down pretty well, except that it generally sounds like I am having conversation instead of calling for my Dad. I am learning new and exciting things every day, and I can't wait to tell you more soon!

Saturday, August 23

My Rainy Weekend...

My Grandma and Auntie came to visit me for the day. We went to Magic Kingdom, and I got to see the PhilharMagic show, and ride Buzz Lightyear. We got rained on, but it was a lot of fun anyway.

Thursday, August 14

My visit with Cheryl

Cheryl came down to visit us last weekend, and we had a great time. Me, Mommy, and Cheryl went shopping on Saturday and we just played around the house the rest of the time. Thanks for coming to see me, Cheryl!

Wednesday, July 16

Squeaky Clean!

I love to take a bath! I play until my toes look like raisins. I like to kick and splash the water and play with all my bath toys, but my favorite thing to do is chew on the wash cloth!

Saturday, July 12

Me and my Grandma

My Grandma came to visit the weekend of the 4th of July. We had so much fun playing together. This is a picture of her reading me a story. I love my Grandma!

Keeping cool in the summer!

I love my new froggie pool. It squirts water at me while I play, and keeps me cool on these hot summer days.

Tuesday, June 24

My big girl car seat

I am riding in my big girl car seat now. I love to face forward and watch what's going on out the window. I also enjoy being able to sit up now and talk to Mommy and Daddy while they are driving.

Wednesday, June 11

Disney with Jamison

Last weekend, I went with Jamison to Disney. We had such a great time. Here are some picutures we took along the way.

Tuesday, June 3

Happy 6 Month Birthday!

I can't believe my baby girl is already six months old. Emma is getting so big and learning to do so much. Here are a few of the things that she is doing now: she rolls and squirms all over the place, everything goes straight to her mouth, she laughs and smiles all the time, she has just started eating baby food, she can sit up like a pro, and she is so close to crawling. Emma is the love of my life and I can not imagine it without her. With each little milestone she reaches my heart is so full of joy it overwhelms me. I now know the meaning of loving someone so much that it hurts. My prayer for Emma as she grows and grows is that she will always be loving and kind and that she will come to know the only one who could ever love her more than her mommy...the Lord.

Sunday, June 1

Being silly with Dad!

Me, Dad, Landon, and Mr. Aaron decided to start our very own parade in Target. What else are we supposed to do while Mommy and Mrs. Cara are shopping? We had a great time!

Mother's Day

We went to Jacksonville to celebrate Mommy's first Mother's Day at our old church, Macedonia Baptist. I was also dedicated to the church on Mother's Day which made it a pretty special day. A lot of my family came to see me and we all went out to eat together after church. Happy first Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

Monday, May 5

Enjoying my first taste of cereal

Getting my new earrings!

Photos from April

First Eating Attempt

Here is a video of Emma's first attempt at eating "solid" food. She had a lot of fun eating, and we had a lot of fun watching her. She is getting better and better at getting the food in her mouth and not on her face!

Sunday, May 4

Emma Laughing!

Here is a video of Emma laughing at her funny mommy. It is so much fun to watch her smile and enjoy life!

Saturday, April 19

A visit from Auntie

Auntie came to visit me on her spring break and we had fun. I love her so much!