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Sunday, August 24

Milestone Updates

I am really getting around now. I just scoot mainly, but I crawl every once in a while. I can also pull myself up, which helps me to call for Mom easier when I wake up, haha. Another update is that I have two teeth now. My bottom two teeth came in at the same time the last week of July, but I haven't shown them off for the camera yet. They are helping me learn to chew up food so that I can grow big and strong. I have "da-da" down pretty well, except that it generally sounds like I am having conversation instead of calling for my Dad. I am learning new and exciting things every day, and I can't wait to tell you more soon!


Grandma said...

You are growing up way to fast!!! You look so cute in your PJs. I know you are talking to Grandma on your phone. I love you!

Grandpa said...

Grandpa and Nani think you are the most beautiful little girl! Grandpa treasures the days he gets to keep you by himself. We love you!

Aunt Lys said...

oo my word Emma is getting so big i cannot believe it!! and crawling so much!! cant wait to see her again i miss her:)