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Tuesday, November 11

Birthday Wish List

My family has asked what things Emma would like or need for birthday and Christmas gifts so I thought I would post it on the blog to make it easy. Although she will probably be most interested in the wrapping paper and empty boxes this year, here are some things that we think she would enjoy:

* Little People's Toys (by Fisher-Price)
* See 'n Say Farmer Says (by Fisher-Price)
* Emma loves to push buttons, so any toys with lots of buttons that respond when she pushes them.
* Also, we have this kids praises DVD that is for the childrens music program at our church and Emma adores it. It is just kids singing and dancing to worship songs, but she is beside herself everytime we turn it on. So I think she would like other sing-a-long DVDs too. Here are some examples.
* A Hair Bow Holder (we are starting quite a collection of bows; Click on the link for the one that I found that would look good in her room
* Tadoodles Crayon Buddies and Tadoodles Giant Coloring Books (by Crayola)
* Mega Bloks
* Castle Climb N Slide (by Little Tykes)

I know Emma will love whatever she gets :)


Wendy said...

Can't believe she's turning 1! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and a fun week planning her first birthday party. :) Be sure to check out my recent blog post, b/c I tagged you!! love ya.

aunt lys said...

happy 1st birthday Em love you!!!