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Wednesday, April 29

My Growing Girl

These pictures of Em playing in the backyard were taken last Wednesday. There were Cheerios in the back of the car; which is why she hung around long enough for some photos. Emma loves playing in the backyard, and she asks us several times a day by saying, "outside, outside, outside." A few other words she can say now are: Emma, mama, daddy, auntie, baby, pop (for popcorn), cup, and several others. She knows the names and sounds of cats, dogs, birds, and monkeys. Today, for the first time, she put both of her puzzles together without any help. Emma's favorite thing to do is still reading. Whether flipping through the pages on her own and mumbling nonsense, or having us read them to her, she loves books. One of my favorite things to do is watch Emma play with her baby doll. She pushes her in the stroller, feeds her, and kisses and hugs her all the time. It is so sweet to see how loving she is.

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